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Are you ready to lead you Team into industrie4.0?
Are your Jour fixes' benefiting from the diversity of your team?
Or does you team posses talents which you haven't realised?


Are you really in the driving seat?


Communication4-0 is a unique coaching experience designed to help you find quick and effective methods, which increase the performance of your international projects, through detailed problem analysis and live online training for the whole team we will, in just six weeks, identify the belief structures and habits which are limiting top performance and introduce effective methods and tools to optimize inclusion and high performance.

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With Communication 4-0 your company will benefit by:


Reducing costs of unwanted conflicts

Increasing the success rate of international projects

Building ongoing Trust and mutual support

Introducing effective tools which will optimize the effectiveness of meetings

Optimize solution identification through improved inclusion of all team perspectives.


With over 15 years of experience of mentoring international managers in how to reach their chosen outcomes, in complicated international operations. I am now offering you and your team the opportunity to learn the steps, you need to take to function at the highest level of efficiency and succeed within "industrie 4.0" .


Don't miss this opportunity to discover how you can make sure you and your team are ready for the future of "industrie 4.0"