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Are you a slave of your habits?

School teaches us to become social beings. In other words how to fit into our society. We learn from a young age that Individual thinking isn't rewarded and can even be dangerous. When we enter the working world we are...[more]


Are you a decision maker or a decision follower? [Part two]

Realizing your goals, being the project leader in your own life is the most important task that you need to step up into. In my coaching I call it your MMI project (your Me Myself and I project) and as with all projects, you need...[more]


Are you a decision maker or a decision follower? [Part one]

Many people live their lives doing what is expected of them. Working to pay the bills, and trying their best to keep the boss’s expectations fulfilled. And allow others to make the decisions. Routine becomes the comfort zone...[more]


Calling on all Team Leaders

What are the pitfalls we should avoid when leading international teams?In my experience of working with international team leaders these five characteristics have had a very negative effect on the performance of the teams...[more]


Stop! Smile! and Think! which way to get my Results

“I am right”     How important is this sentence for you?    Stop Smile and Think which way to get my Results.   Have you ever felt let down or disrespected by your...[more]


Your most important project and how to manage it. MMI (Me, Myself and I)

According to a survey carried out by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2013, 38% of all projects fail to reach their goals. As any good project manager will tell you, most of the projects fail because they chose the...[more]


Are you happy and successful?

What does it mean to be happy? Owning a faster car, a bigger apartment or being slimmer or having a more attractive partner?[more]

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